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Where should I put my Christmas tree?

Posted on: 01/11/2022

Finding the best place to put a Christmas tree can be tricky. You might have a tried and tested spot, but if you’ve got new furniture, recently moved house or simply fancy a change this year, there’s a few things to consider before you set about decorating.

An outdoor Christmas tree on the front door step.

Image credit – Erica Marsland (Unsplash)

Inside or out?

Let’s start with a bit of a curveball. Do you definitely want to display your tree inside? As lovely as it is to sit by your tree on a cosy night there’s a growing trend towards putting Christmas trees outside as well as in. Outdoor Christmas trees with twinkling lights can add some serious curb appeal, so it’s an interesting option, particularly if you’re short on space inside or you’re having more than one tree. Whether it’s a front porch, patio or in the garden, make sure the area is covered or at least sheltered from the elements. You’ll also need to think about how you’re going to secure the tree at the base, using weights or straps. 

Choosing the right room for your Christmas tree

If your tree is definitely going inside, which room is best? For many people, the living room is the go-to place. But why not branch out and consider some other areas of the house. Hallways, if big enough, can make a lovely home for your tree and offer a festive welcome for visitors. Other areas to consider are the upstairs landing or dining room. It’s generally best to avoid kitchens or rooms such as kid’s playrooms where there’s a lot of activity, to avoid any trees getting knocked over!

Making space for your tree

Until you take the net off real Christmas trees it’s difficult to get a true picture of how wide they are. We always advise that you take the net off as soon as possible to keep the branches in tip top condition – so if you’re not ready to put your tree up you can leave it outside. This also helps the branches settle so you can see how much space you will need. Remember that you’re also going to need to move around the tree when decorating, so if you’re putting your Christmas tree in a corner, make sure you leave a bit of wriggle room. 

Raising your tree off the floor

Ideally you want to have lots of your tree at eye level, so make sure it as around six inches lower than ceiling height. If you have a shorter tree you may want to stand your tree on a table or other suitable piece of furniture. This is also a good idea if you have small children, or cats and dogs. Remember to use a protective cover for any surface your tree will be standing on and make sure the tree is stable before starting to decorate.

Putting Christmas trees in windows

A window can be the perfect spot to show your tree off. The tradition of putting trees in windows dates back to 16th century Germany when people first started to bring fir trees into their homes, decorated with candles (although we definitely wouldn’t recommend the candle part!). However, if you have smaller windows you may want to avoid putting your tree somewhere which will block too much natural light as the nights draw in.

A man holding fairy lights while deciding where to put his Christmas tree

Image credit – Skon Communication (Unsplash)

Lighting your Christmas tree

Don’t forget to think about the proximity to plug sockets, particularly if you’re using fairy lights that need to be plugged in. Even if you are using an extension lead, it’s not safe to have wires and cables trailing across the floor and it won’t look great either. If this causes too much of a logistical headache or if you’re conscious of rising electricity bills, there are a great range of battery-operated lights now available. Just make sure you stock up on batteries.

Where not to put your Christmas tree

Finally, some words of caution. Trees will last longer if they are kept in cooler areas. Never place your tree near an open fire or wood burning stove. Current safety advice is to place your tree at least three feet away from fires to avoid the tree or decorations catching alight. You should also avoid placing trees directly next to radiators as it can cause damage to the needles and dry out much quicker. It’s also not advisable to put your tree anywhere that is a thoroughfare, or in areas in the home which will get exceptionally busy over the festive period.

Where are you putting your tree this year? Have you found the best position for your Christmas tree in your house? We’d love to hear about it. Share your stories and pictures with us on social media #BrookleighTrees