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Tree Care: Our Top Tips

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How to take care of your Christmas Tree and keep it fresh for longer?

We want to make sure your Christmas is absolutely perfect and magical in everyway. We have a range of fantastic trees available, please follow our top tips to ensure you get the very best from your Christmas Tree.

Pro Tip: Always make sure
it has enough water!
Decorated Christmas Trees With Presents

Keep your Tree outside till it's required.

Take it out of it’s netting as soon as you get home to prevent mould and fungus from growing on damp branches. If you’re not setting it up straight away, place it in a bucket of water in the garden away from wind and direct sunlight.

Tip One Pro Tip: Pick the right height for you but don't forget the stand can add an extra 15 cm to the overall height.

Trim the Tree trunk.

Before you place your tree it’s always best to give it some water to avoid it becoming dry and dehydrated. We recommend you cut about 2.5cm of the trunk with a panel saw so the base is fresh.

Tip Two

The best place for your Tree?

Place your tree in a suitable location away from heat sources like fires or radiators. To prevent it from drying out and losing it’s needles faster. Allow your tree to settle for 24 hours before decorating.

Tip Three

Water your Christmas Tree regularly!

It’s best to keep our tree watered to keep it looking fresh and full. A dehydrated tree can wilt and droop quickly. If your tree is pot grown, make sure you water the roots, if it’s kept outside it might need more water to keep it from drying out depending on its location.

Tip Fouvr

How to recycle your Christmas Tree?

Once the new year comes around it’s time to think how to recycle your tree. If your tree is cut:

We offer a local collection service to local villages to our farm.  You can book this on line when you order your tree, or give us a call and we will get you booked in.  We collect after the 12th night of Christmas.

Local Collection Service Dates

Menston after January 4th

Guiseley after January after 4th

Burley after January 4th

Ben Rhydding after January 6th

Ilkley after January 6th

Otley after January 6th



Tip Five

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