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How to stop your Christmas tree dropping needles

Posted on: 01/11/2022

There’s no doubt about it, nothing beats a real Christmas tree. Choosing it with the family, bringing it home and that wonderful scent it fills the house with. But the question we get asked the most is how long does a real Christmas tree last? If you want to know how to stop your tree dropping needles this year, then read on.

Choosing the right type of tree

When you’re looking for your tree, make sure that the needles look fresh and there’s no dry branches. The type of tree is important too, so you need to be clued up on which Christmas trees don’t drop needles. We have Nordman and Fraser Firs which are no needle drop trees and hold their shape really well.

How To Stop Needles Dropping Michael Fenton

Preparing your tree

When you get your tree home, if you can then resist the temptation to get it out and start decorating straight away. A good thing to do is to saw the bottom of the trunk off, just like you would cut the stems from a bunch of flowers. Around 2.5cm is good. Then place in a bucket of water for at least 24 hours, in a shady place ideally outdoors with the net off. This will allow the tree to soak up plenty of water before you bring it inside.

Avoiding heat

As we said in our blog post about where to put your Christmas tree [LINK], avoid putting your tree next to a radiator or any heat source as this is a sure fire way to dry your tree out. Surprisingly, some fairy lights can also dry your tree out so try to go for ones that do not give off too much heat.

Keeping your tree watered

Finally, keeping your tree nice and hydrated is one of the most important things for healthy needles. If it is in a stand then don’t forget to keep the water topped up. Choose a quality Christmas tree stand like the Cinco Classic tree stand which has a water reservoir built in, to avoid any spillages on the carpet or indeed the presents!

Follow these simple steps and you should have a tree that stays lovely and full (and a floor that is needle free) right up to Christmas and beyond!